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Version Planned Release Tool Features
Basic MBRE v1.0 May 22
  • Creation of specification-artifacts through class-instantiation 
  • Basic system kit for embedded systems and derived library classes 
  • Automatic database (classes) creation for 
    • Interface Requirements
    • HL Requirements and its solutions 
  • Automatic creation/synchronization of tables based on databases
  • Automatic interface-requirement and requirement/solution/subsolution-assignment routing
  • Automatic verification
    • of object value finalizations (completeness) 
    • if inheritance-rules are violated in classes or instances
    • if any optional solution parts is regarded
    • if for all requirements its solutions are defined and clearly assigned to functions/components entities
Behavior-Methods v2.0 Jul 22
  • Integrated method for a controlled behavior- requirements description 
  • Including sub-requirements defined with State-Activity Diagram
  • Automatic verification 
    • If the behavior-requirements and its solutions are defined complete
    • if the dominant-behavior is clearly defined in any situation 
    • if all pot. IO combinations are clearly defined for all evaluated out-signals 
  • Automatic generation of textual behavior-requirements
MBSE Diagram v3.0 Sep 22
  • Import of MBSE Model elements 
  • Merge of imported models and requirements with library and system kit solutions (classes)
  • Automatic creation/synchronization of
  • Structure-Diagrams: Internal Block Diagram
  • Behavior-Diagram: State Diagram and Activity Diagram
  • Automatic verification
    • If any imported structure, interface- and behavior-requirement is defined completely and clearly
    • if inheritance-rules are violated in edited diagrams
Verification Methods v4.0 Dez 22
  • Derived work-product checker
  • Automatic generation of HL Requirement Implementation Traceability Document
  • Resources and constraints checker
  • Further MBSE Diagrams (tbd)