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Announcement: World first oject ortiented RE Tool VISIONEER v1.0 can soon be downloaded als Demoversion

By modelling techn. requirements with RML , they can be handled with OO-Methods, which means that their properties can be inherited, specialized, generalized, instantiated, associated oder extended. Specifications are generatated out of the RML-Model by a document-generators automatically. 


More details about the features of the tool versions are summerized in the table below:

Version Planned Release Tool Features
VISIONEER v1.0 Dec19
  • Basic Model System Kit , Basic Tool User Interface and Tool Handbook
  • Object oriented Requirement Engineering with RML 
  • ReqIF-Generator for initial-version creation of specifications
  • Smart Interface Requirement Handling 
VISIONEER v2.0 Mar 20
  • RE Tool User Interface and Tool Handbook
  • Standard Model System Kit for Embedded Applications and Example-Model
  • Automatic Requirement- and IF Data-Synchronisation between the Specifications
VISIONEER v3.0 Sept 20
  • Automatic-Linking of Requirements 
  • Automatic generation of structure-diagramms out of model elements
  • Spezification-Verification regarding Completeness, Unambiguity and Consistency
VISIONEER v4.0 Dec 20
  • Tool Chain for Automatic Code- and Testcase-Generation with partner companies
  • Tool supported migration of existing textual specifications

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