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VISIONEER GmbH is a start-up company, that intends to take new steps in smart requirement engineering.

The founder Gerhard Schilling has invented a method for object-oriented requirement engineering and smart interface requirement handling, that enables automatic generation and synchronization of textual specifications out of a model. VISIONEER’s engineering team has wide automotive experiences in multiple engineering functions and are specialists for SE, RE and Architecture.

For this purpose, a new model language RML (Requirement Modelling Language) was developed, that is integrated in the VISIONEER Tool and enables OO-RE, a smart interface handling and a proof of completeness, unambiguity and consistency of requirement specifications.

Visioneer applied for two patents:

- published PCT: WO 2018/206146 "Method for Computer aided, automated verification of requirements"

- (not yet published): "Method for the creation of requirements to describe technical processes"